We offer distinctive  variety of services to best accommodate your style and budget.

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 We combine strategic planning with personalized experiences to produce  and consulting services for events and other projects related to media based on you, your company brand and current market trends. Unlike other agencies, we plan, manage and execute each step – from conception to post-event analysis. Striving for the utmost level of creativity, always seeking the newest and most innovative trends, collaborating with community leaders and special partnerships, our team is empowered to meet all your marketing event goals.

We’re never afraid to challenge your assumptions or ask for your trust.
Partner with us for all your event needs.
Highlights of Event Services and Marketing Expertise:
  • Budget Allocation
  • Event Conception
  • Fundraising
  • Logistics
  • Media Outreach and Press Coverage
  • New Identity Launch

  • On-Going Executive Operations
  • On-Site Management
  • Planning Production
  • Pre-Publicity Marketing
  • Video Production
  • Celebrity Liaison
  • Research and Evaluation of Branding Opportunities
  • Social Media, PR Integration