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ANDREW JANSON & PARTNERS has had years of success in reaching across the spectrum of the corporate and cause arenas helping to forge strong partnerships, purposefully delivering marketing solutions that further brand awareness as well as initiating revenue streams for all the collaborative partners. We understand how to speak to and create marketing opportunities to both these worlds helping to achieve the desired marketing goals.

We have built a strong network of resources that leverage the best ideas in support our clients’ marketing. We are committed to bringing experts to the table to create the most seamless, integrated, and cross-supportive strategies with media organizations as consultants to help connect advertisers to cause organizations. This gives us a tremendous opportunity to connect both our for-profit and non-profit clients broadening reach and establishing important sponsorships.

We have crafted campaigns for Swatch, St. Regis Hotels, Honda Motorcycles, Yamaha, Alpine Auto Sound, LG Electronics, Paramount Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, E ! Channel Networks, Universal Studios Tours, Sallie Mae, Southwest Airlines, Miller Brewing Company, Gianni Versace, Vans, Volkswagen, Fila, J. Robert Scott Furniture, and Conde Nast among others.

In the philanthropic area our experience includes wide-reaching branding, fundraising and membership generating campaigns for Oxfam America and their efforts to make trade fair in small, emerging countries, The Festival of Children Foundation…an organization that supports the charities that help our kids; The ACLU; Planned Parenthood Federation of America; Amnesty International; The Girl Scouts of America; Declare Yourself, a young peoples’ voter initiative; Americans for Fairness in Lending; The Native American Indian Housing Council; The Elton John Aids Foundation; The Salvation Army; The Pat Tillman Foundation, fostering youth leadership and The National Endowment for Financial Education to name a few.


Passion and purpose are not words that you find in mass marketing strategies. Mass marketing is about selling the most product to the most amount of people. It’s about inspiring habitual actions. The look, feel, and message of our work is about creating that personal connection that says this is important to me as a unique individual. Ideas with passion and purpose can cut through the clutter and find their target; where people make decisions about what they want to be part of, belong to, and help change.

ANDREW JANSON & PARTNERS create campaigns that speak to people; people who want to make an impact in the world, people who become dedicated members, givers, advocates and promoters. The challenge is to reach them in the midst of all the media madness grabbing them and owning them. That is how ANDREW JANSON & PARTNERS distinguishes itself – our approach is to empower a brand with the social and emotional impact that says, “I want to be part of this experience”. We approach every challenge with intelligence, innovative thinking and wit. The campaigns we create are provocative and entertaining; never being lost in the confusing mob of messages that bombard us every day.

ANDREW JANSON & PARTNERS is known for their unexpected brand positioning; messages that actually make you stop and think – messages that inspire you to action. If you don’t believe that, just look at our work.


Our past celebrity endorsers are… Colin Firth, Jake Gyllenhaal, Samuel L. Jackson, Moby, , Charlize Theron, Anne Heche, Tim Robbins, Cate Blanchette, Christian Slater, Mathew Perry, Djimon Hounsou, Christina Aguilera, Kristin Davis, Bono, Martin Sheen, Jessica Alba, Michael Stipe, Holly Hunter, Tom Ford, Cindy Crawford, Minnie Driver, Pink, Antonio Banderas, Evangeline Lilly, Emilio Estevez, Chris Martin, Thom Yorke, Christina Applegate, Toni Colette, Richard Dreyfuss, Alanis Morissette, William Hurt, Deborah Harry, Taye Diggs, Gary Dourdan, Fran Drescher, Amber Tamlyn, Gina Lee Nolan, Hector Elizondo, Anthony Michael Hall, Dave Chappelle, Natalie Maines, Wendie Malick, Katey Sagal, Richard Serra, Kurt Vonnegut.

AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA)


Alberto Culver

Alpine Auto Sound

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

American Humane Society

American Motors Corp.

Americans For Fairness In Lending (AFFIL)

Amnesty International

Anne Cole – Online Mortgage Bank

Arizona Biltmore Hotel

Arizona Lottery


Avery Labels

Bebe Clothing

Beverly Clark Collection

Black Velvet Whiskey

Bonjour Jeans

California Family Health Council, Inc.


Catalina Swimwear

Cherokee Shoes

Charles David Shoes

Chinese Laundry Footwear

Chrysler Corporation

Cole of California

Community Health Network

Cutty Sark Scotch

Day Runner

Declare Yourself (Norman Lear)

Decorative Carpets


DiTech Funding

Doubletree Hotels

E! Netwok – Style Channel

Etienne Aigner

FAO Schwartz

Fairchild Publications (WWD)

Festival of Children


Folger’s Coffee

Ford Foundation

Ford Motor Company

Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts

Fox Broadcasting Company


General Food

Gianni Versace

Girl Scouts of America

Goodwill Industries

Guess Apparel

Hallmark Cards

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Hartman Luggage

Helene Curtis Suave Hair Products

Hiram Walker


Honda Motorcycles

HYPE by Jonathan Martin

J. Robert Scott

Jim Beam Bourbon


Kentucky Fried Chicken

Kenwood USA

Kookai USA

Kraft Foods

Lawman Jeans

LG Electronics

Marantz Stereo

MCA Universal Studio Tour


Miller Brewing Company

National American Indian Housing Council (NAIHC)

NBC Entertainment

NBC News

NBC Sports

National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE)


Nissan Corporation


Oxfam America

Paramount Pictures

Pat Tillman Foundation

Pepe Jeans

Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA)

Rampage Sportswear

Sallie Mae, Inc.

Salvation Army

Sanyo Electronics

Sea World

Sebastian Hair Care Products

Shelli Segal’s Laundry

Southwest Airlines

St. Regis Resort & Hotel

Suzuki Motorcycles

Swatch Watches

Twentieth Century Fox



Warner Bros. Records

Yamaha Outboard Motor
American Express

Gelsons Market, a subsidiary of Arden Group Inc.

Betsy Johnson Inc.

BMW of North America, LLC

Calvin Klein Inc.

Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc.

Richard Tyler

Nichole Miller

Bill Blass Group, LLC
Mother Jones and the Foundation for National Progress

Rebel Waltz, Inc.

Clear Channel Communications, Inc.


Wenner Media LLC

Time Warner

Condè Nast Publications

Hearst Publications

The Public Theater (NYC)

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts
Harvard University

The New School – A University

University of Miami

Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising

Oxygen Media

The AXA Group


American Apparel

Lions Gate

The Timberland Company


Andrew Janson & Partners is a Los Angeles based advertising, marketing and multi-media company.


1st Place Gold – Consumer Retail Radio Campaign AppOnline Mortgage Bank “Real…”


Starch Best of Issue – NOP World American Civil Liberties Union “Scrapbook for Freedom – Natalie Maines”


1st Place Gold – Television :30 sec. Global Partners / PPFA “Defy the Voice Inside”

1st Place Gold – Television Campaign (MTV) :30 sec. EC / PPFA “Dance Floor” & “Soup”…”Accidents Happen”

1st Place Gold – Television (Lifetime Network) :30 sec. EC / PPFA “Teardrop”…”Accidents Happen”

1st Place Gold – Television :45 sec. American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) “Classroom”

1st Place Gold – Television :45 sec. American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) “Founding Fathers”

1st Place Gold – Television :45 sec. Girl Scout of America “Campre”

1st Place Gold – Television :45 sec. Community Health Network “Dream of a Time”

1st Place Gold – Television :45 sec. Festival of Children Foundation “Possible Dream”

1st Place Gold – Television :45 sec. Norman Lear’s Declare Yourself “Dogfood”

1st Place Gold – Television :45 sec. Norman Lear’s Declare Yourself “Vanity”

1st Place Gold – Television :30 sec. Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) “What Do I Know About Me ?” – #I

1st Place Gold – Television :30 sec. Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) “What Do I Know About Me ?” – #II


Best of American Print Advertising Campaign J. Robert Scott “…When You Take Manhattan”

Best of American Radio Advertising Campaign AppOnline Mortgage Bank “Real Brokers…”

Best of American Print Advertising Emergency Contraception (EC) / PPFA “Accidents Happen”

Best of American Print Advertising Festival of Children Foundation (FoCF) “Possible Dream”

Best of American Print Advertising ACLU